Phil Ade is the next rapper up out of the DMV area. The rapper has consistently brought rhymes and wordplay with a mix of sometimes conscious rap and sometimes ignorant rap. It's a good combination which has led to a devout following of Phil Ade fans, who expect more and more from the rapper after each mixtape. Rightly so.

As Phil continues to grow and cultivate his skills, the independent rapper releases mixtape after mixtape, following his debut in 2009, Starting On JV.  He gained more fans with his PhilAdeFriday series which also led to more mixtapes, soon followed by A Different World, PhilAdeFriday2, and finally,his most recent, R.O.S.E. Basically, there's no lack of music from Phil out on the web.

Although fans did have to wait longer than expected to receive the latest installment of mixtape, it proved to be worth the wait, consisting of all-original music and unique bars. Inspired by a Tupac audio clip, Phil's R.O.S.E. (Result Of Society's Evil) touches on Phil's experiences within the music industry, the hypocrisies of today's society, and his family and come-up, thus really giving you a sense of who Phil is as a person and as a rapper.

We spoke with Phil Ade and his producer Teddy Roxpin about a record in particular off R.O.S.E. which really embodies what the mixtape is about-- "Disappointed."

Phil talks to us about growing up in a religious family (something he mentions in "Disappointed"), on how music can influence a person's decisions, his plans for the future and more, while Teddy Roxpin details how the beat came about and how he connected with Phil, revealing they have more music in the works.

Listen to "Disappointed" below if you haven't heard it yet, and click through the images above to find out more about the record and the mixtape.