Tamar Braxton’s new docuseries, Tamar Braxton: Get Ya Life! finally premiered last Thursday on WE tv. In the episode, Braxton and fiancé David Adefeso butt heads over a “sex abstinence” experiment Braxton wishes to undergo for 45 days. Abstaining from sex, drugs, and alcohol for 45 days is the prerequisite for being able to partake in “dream work,” a method in which creative coach Goli Samii would analyze Braxton’s dreams in order to aid her in reaching her full potential. 

The six-episode series follows Tamar Braxton as she navigates through obstacles in her personal life and career, documenting the highs and lows of each, as well as the process of recording her upcoming album. 

While Braxton was reluctant about the parameters of the experiment but eventually agreed to them, Adefeso remained downright opposed to the whole thing, calling it a “terrible” idea and saying in a confessional, “Tamar is interested in doing the dream work, but I'm a hardcore, born-again, Jesus-believing Christian. I really don't know about who Goli is or how she does what she does. I'm not so sure that her methods are something that fit my own beliefs.”

Claiming autonomy over her own body, Braxton proceeded with the experiment anyways, the results of which are documented over the course of the series.

However, it became apparent that problems between the pair are more serious than mere tiffs over abstinence when Adefeso filed a restraining order against Braxton earlier this week, followed by Braxton coming forward to declare she had been abused by Adefeso, and even threatened with a murder-suicide.  

As far as the show goes, it is expected to continue airing as regular on Thursdays at 9 P.M ET on WE tv.