Tamar Braxton disappointed her fans when she decided to leave Redemption of a Dogg mid-performance. It was first reported that the singer had quit the show because she was unable to eat her takeout during the intermission. According to her friend Lonnie, the situation was more personal.

Lonnie B made his way to the show with the aforementioned takeout and was made to wait outside before being let in. It took close to a half hour for Tamar's assistant to finally came through the door and tell him that she could not let him enter. The comedian says the play's owner had mistaken him for a simple delivery guy. He gave the play's staff the sandwich and left, unbothered.

Later, the friend received a text explaining how Tamar was popping off backstage because he had been mistreated. From his perspective, this display of loyalty proved that Tamar Braxton is a "real b*tch."

The 15-minute intermission extended into an hour-long hiatus. When the cast finally returned to the stage, fans noticed that Tamar was missing. Her character was being played by another woman, which clearly upset audience members. When the play ended, people began clamoring: "Where's Tamar?"

The crowd was offered very vague spoken statement. 

"This is a very vulnerable time, so please pray for her. She's sorry she couldn't be here for this curtain call, but she did get the chance to be here for you. She did the best she could."

 She returned for the matinee performance and plans to complete future dates as well.