The Braxton "Household" is bubbling over excitement for their season 5 fixing of Braxton Family Values. One member out of the bunch is less than thrilled however. Tamar Braxton, the baby of the bunch, is straying off their promotional tour, as a protest to what she deems an unfair portrayal of her ex-husband Vincent Herbert.

The ex-lovers are well known to television audiences, as Tamar & Vince of the aptly titled spinoff. In short, the new season of Braxton Family Values expectedly takes off where the last season of Tamar & Vince left off, with the married couple coming to terms with their impending divorce.

The trouble is, according to Tamar, the family has villified her ex by creating many a sensationalized plot lines which paint him negatively. Tamar is clinging to the sanctity of their former home life, and is disgraced to find her own flesh and blood "stoop so low for personal gain."

Tamar is effectively holding off promotion of the new season until show producers edit out the footage she feels goes beyond the point of decency. Tamar maintains that she is acting out of respect and in the shared interest of their son, and is not pining for a return to married life.

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