Tamar Braxton does not need a big fancy wedding ceremony to be satisfied with marrying her boyfriend, David Adefeso—in fact, she's ready to say "I do" right now in quarantine. On Thursday, the singer spoke to her friend, Wendy Williams, during a phone interview on The Wendy Williams Show about what her future with David holds, and she revealed that she's definitely looking to build a family with him. When Wendy asked her if she was all "babied out," the ex-co-host of The Real said, "no," but they'd need to tie the knot before procreating. “I would love to have a family with David," she said, "but we gotta put a ring on it first, you know what I’m saying? I can’t have a bunch of baby daddies running around out here! That ain’t cute—I already got one.”

Tamar Braxton David Adefeso marriage wedding quarantine home boyfriend The Wendy Williams Show proposalEarl Gibson III/Getty Images for WE tv

Tamar has a 6-year-old son, Logan, with her ex-husband, Vincent Herbert, whom she split from in 2017 for allegedly cheating on her. However, Tamar is very happy with David, and would absolutely say "yes" if he proposed to her right this second. “If he came in the house tonight with a ring, would you say 'yes'?” Wendy asked her. "I would say 'yes' and find somebody online to do it right now," Tamar responded without hesitation. The lovebirds are currently in “couples quarantine" with Logan, balancing work and quality time together in order to maintain their sanity throughout this difficult period. Tamar previously confessed to wanting God to bless her with "a Coronavirus miracle baby," although her choice of words did not sit well with some fans. She later clarified that she meant to say a "quarantine miracle baby."