Tamar Braxton is enjoying her new relationship and sharing the joy with her fans. The singer has been uploading videos and photos of herself and her new boyfriend as they simmer in a beach vacation. Her admiration of her man's fitness was echoed back to her by social media users with enthusiam. The compliments led to insults being thrown at her ex-partner, Vincent Herbert.

One of the videos she uploaded shows her new man coming out of the water on a sunny day. As he approaches her, Tamar compared him to "jesus coming out of the water." She punctuates the praise with "Hallelujah!" Her following commented in agreement, while some felt the need to add negativity into the mix. Comparisons between her new and old love interests were sour. Vincent got not love. 

Tamar came through with a body-positive response to one particular commenter who pointing out how she went "from fat to fit" in her romantic picks: " Don't do that boo! We just didn't work out. Don't shame the man like that please." She went on to express how she hates body-shamers.  

Some people still had other criticism concerning her past relationship, stating that Vincent Herbert messed up her career and was disloyal. Tamar left that part alone.