While hip-hop and indie rock have occasionally crossed paths, few have found themselves immersed in the scene like Tame Impala's Kevin Parker. The singer recently spoke with Beats 1 host Matt Wilkinson, where he opened up about working with SZA, Kanye West, and more. 

"I hope it sees the light of day. When we were working with SZA, that was like 10 days before her album came out and since then her album has just exploded and she’s been a really busy person," explains Parker. "We were messing around on a bunch of things, but there was that one song that was like, 'we’ve got to get this out." For those wondering, the song in question is "Back Together," which was previously performed live, but never officially released. 

Not only did Parker find himself working with SZA, but he also contributed to one of the year's biggest projects - Kanye West's Ye - finding himself credited on album closer "Violent Crimes." Speaking on that process, Parker breaks it down, stating "there's a whirlwind of things happening and then no-one really knows. Kanye’s got - he’s in his space, throwing down ideas, taking ideas out, putting this with this, seeing if that works. He might not even know which part of who worked on the song is going to end up on the song until the last minute."

For those looking beyond the hip-hop realm, rest assured that Tame Impala is hard at work on their new album, which is set to surface at some point in 2019. Peep the full interview right here.