Tamla Horsford's mysterious death case was closed last year after it was revealed that not enough evidence supported claims that she was killed during an "adult slumber party." Horsford was with seven other women when it was reported that she stumbled off the balcony, falling to her death while she was intoxicated.

After attention was brought to her case by T.I. and 50 Cent in the wake of all the protests, it has now been reported that officials are looking into her possible murder again.

After it was ruled that her death was accidental, Horsford's family had a medical examiner inspect her injuries, which would have been impossible from a simple fall.

"It appears Tamla was involved in a struggle. There were abrasions consistent with that scenario. There were parallel scratches to one arm. Since they were fresh, photos would not have proven recent use of defensive force," wrote a letter from Horsford's family attorney. "There was one x-ray, yet the injury noted as the cause of death appears nowhere."

Her death has sparked outrage and, more than a year later, a petition to re-open the investigation has reached 500,000 signatures, sparking the Georgia Bureau of Investigation to take action.

The GBI will have complete access to her case file and have opened an investigation as a result.

Hopefully, Tamla Horsford's family can finally get justice.