Tammy Rivera is mourning the loss of a family member. She announced her cousin's sudden death yesterday via social media, uploading text posts that pointed to complete emotional turmoil. After crying all night, the singer regrouped herself to speak on her loss again.

"I was excited about the new year until I got the call last night that my cousin was killed tonight as I thank God for allowing me to see the new year I'll be crying for you Chris even though I know I should be rejoicing that you made it out this hell hole," she wrote. "It still hurts the same tell Aunt Tammy [hi] for me!" She captioned the post with additional sorrow: "I’ll drink tonight until the pain is gone"

Griffin/Getty Images

"He didn't even make it to see 2019 my f*cking heart is hurt." Later, she posted a photo of her teary-eyed self and wrote, "I can't sleep Eyes burn and feelings hurt." Though it might seem unusual to some that she chose to take selfies during this time, it should also be considered that everybody mourns in their own way. Hopefully, the entertainer will find some solace as we move into the new year. RIP Chris.