He may have said some things as of late that have caused a stir, but Tank came through with a public service announcement on Thanksgiving. The singer has been the topic of conversations for his remarks on men giving men fellatio and then later speaking on his fondness for "salad tossing," but Tank has taken the criticism in stride.

Leon Bennett/Getty Images

During the holiday season, more people not only feel inclined to do good deeds, but they often record themselves offering help to the less fortunate. Tank took to his Instagram to share that while there certainly isn't anything wrong with giving back to those in need, people should check themselves about documenting charitable efforts for social media. 

"Before you record yourself 'helping' the homeless, imagine the lowest point in your life on Facebook Live... #HelpNeedsNoCamera," he shared in a text image on Instagram. He added to his thoughts in the caption: "Social media has confused the idea that if it’s not recorded and posted then it didn’t happen. Find peace in the things you do for the right reasons. Not because you’re getting likes and interaction for it. Only the universe can reward you for the authentic kindness of your heart! So on this Thanksgiving be grateful, be prayerful, and be mindful..🙏🏾 #HappyThanksgiving." Do you agree?