Tank's musical longevity in the music industry can be chalked up to his sheer talent. While he has sold a healthy amount of records on his own, he also boasts impressive songwriting and production credits for huge names in music like Beyoncé, Fantasia, Kelly Rowland, Jamie Foxx, Monica, Pitbull, and the late Aaliyah

The platinum-selling R&B singer recently appeared on Elle Magazine's popular Youtube Channel segment "Song Association." During his appearance, the famed musician opened up about how he wished he had the opportunity to collaborate with Aaliyah before she passed. He also divulged how he was able to provide background vocals on her 2001 album cut "Come Over."   

George De Sota/Getty Images

"The song you hear me on, “Come Over,”(as he lets out a note) I just happened to walk in the studio that day. We were going to check on baby girl, and she was working with Johnta Austin,” he said while on the show.

He continued, “As soon as I walked in, she said, “Tank can do it,” Johnta said,” Tank can do it,” and I was like,” Tank can do what?”  

Tank continued to explain that Aaliyah and Johnta sent him into the booth and from there, the rest is history! It's been nearly 20 years since the track was released and since Aaliyah's passing but perhaps now more than ever, her music is being recognized for its lasting impact.

Check out Tank's full episode of Song Association below to hear him belt out Kelly Rowland, The Supremes, and his hit "When We." Did you know Tank provided backing vocals for Aaliyah on "Come Over"? Let us know down in the comments.