Taraji P. Henson and Sam Rockwell are set to bring the amazing story of Ann Atwater and C.P. Ellis to the big screen. In the early 70's, Durham, North Carolina schools were facing endless turbulence. Although the Supreme Court ruled to stop segregation in schools, Durham residents weren't having it. Fights and violence broke out in the schools, causing a councilman in the town to form a group for residents to hash out their differences and find a common ground to quell the violence. Civil Rights leader and activist Ann Atwater was selected to lead the group alongside KKK leader C.P. Ellis. The councilman in charge thought bringing powerful voices from both sides of the conflict together to lead would help resolve the issue. 

At first, Ellis and Atwater argued furiously. Their viewpoints were on opposite sides of the spectrum. The two enemies found one thing in common though: the well being of their children. Both Atwater and Ellis' kids began to get abused and bullied due to their parents working together. KKK supporters trashed Ellis' kid for being a traitor, and vice verse for Atwater's kids. Soon, Atwater and Ellis became friends, as their common turmoil led them down a path of understanding. Ellis famously quit the KKK and joined the Civil Rights movement after the experience.

Henson and Rockwell look riveting in the first trailer for Best of Enemies, which hits theaters on April 5, 2019.