Just in time for the Halloween season, famed department store Target has announced that there won't be anymore clown masks sold online or in-store because the creepy clown craze has ruined it for everyone. According to the Star Tribune, the decision to pull clown masks from retailers was a "sensitivity" issue due to the hysteria caused by the trending threats. We're guessing the corporate giant is trying to avoid selling one of those masks to a clown who's willing to go beyond the initial creepy threat. If you're unfamiliar with this sudden surge in killer clown activity, we've embedded an educational video below to catch you up.

Because the world has no chill and no sense of humility, we expect this Halloween season to be extra seasoned with clown costumes galore. We also wouldn't be surprised if Walmart stepped up, and filled the vacuum of 'clown retailer' left behind by Target's change of heart.

What do you think? Is Target overreacting?