Last night, Tate Kobang dropped off a new thirteen track project called Tate Ko, which featured a long anticipated collaboration with the legendary Ruff Ryders producer Swizz Beatz. Swizzy, fresh off graduating from Harvard Business School's Owner/President Management Program, came through to work on the album's third track "Ello?", which employs a frantic break-beat that sounds like something out of a fashion show. Throw in a pitched down vocal sample, were looking at a strange yet undeniably infectious foray out of Swizzy's comfort zone. 

On that note, the majority of Tate Ko's guest appearances are marked as "feat." while this one is "w/ Swizz Beatz." Not even produced, simply "with." It's difficult to gauge what that entails, but there's no doubt that Swizz is involved in crafting this one; to what capacity, however, is unknown. As for Tate, he adapts well to the off-kilter beat, spitting bars reminiscent of an early Lupe Fiasco. If you haven't yet caught Tate Ko, be sure to check that out by hitting the link above.

Quotable Lyrics

Ello, can you hear me now?
Cause they fear me now, it's apparent now
Was a son of the art, I'm a parent now
They just copy ish, they like parrots now