Since Tamar Braxton and David Adefeso’s split in September, the ex-couple’s tumultuous relationship has remained a constant fixture in today’s news. In recent months, Tamar has come forward to shed light on her July suicide attempt, premiered a WeTV docuseries about her life, Tamar Braxton: Get Ya Life!, and she's even been accused of causing $30k of damage to former fiance David Adefeso’s Rolls Royce

On Monday, Tamar’s sister, Toni, shared a notes app message on Instagram in which she targeted Adefeso, demanding he leave her family alone, calling him a “weasel” and telling him not to involve her children in his “shenanigans.” Many were shocked that Toni, known widely as the drama-free sister, would take to social media to address Adefeso so publicly. Tawanda took it upon herself to elaborate during an Instagram Live, speaking on the matter. 

“Yes, Toni is okay, she’s just really pissed off at David, as we all are,” said Tawanda. “We don’t appreciate or agree or condone the way he’s handling the situation, it’s even deeper than you guys could even imagine. For Toni to even say something and post it on social media because you know, she never does anything like that, you know he’s gone too far...We may agree to disagree, but you never involve the children, and David went over the line when it comes to that.” 

 Watch the clip below.