There have already been rumors that taxpayers may see a delay in receiving their stimulus payouts after President Donald Trump requested for his signature to be included on the paper checks. Now it's being reported in both Georgia and Florida that citizens are complaining that their stimulus checks have been deposited into their tax preparers' accounts instead of their own.

Stimulus Checks
Joe Raedle / Staff / Getty Images

Many American citizens opt to do their own taxes, but if you're a person who had a company or other individual prepare taxes for you, you may have been sent your stimulus check without even knowing it. Fox 5 Atlanta reports that they've received a number of complaints from angry residents. "All of us have different accounts so we don't understand why our money would end up in the company's account," said one woman who used ATC Income Tax.

The news outlet spoke directly with the Marketing Coordinator for ATC Income Tax and they blamed the IRS for the mix-up. "The IRS crippled our operations by doing what they said they weren't going to do," they reportedly stated. "The IRS sent thousands of stimulus payments that should have been sent directly to taxpayers, to our bank partner Refund Advantage."

Some officials are advising the public to check the status of their payments over on the IRS's website to make sure the checks haven't already been deposited elsewhere.