"The Race" rapper Tay-K was sentenced to fifty-five years in prison for murder a couple of years ago. Rarely getting a chance to communicate with his fans online because of his incarceration, the 21-year-old rapper's fanbase has continued to support him throughout his legal difficulties. His family has spoken up on multiple occasions to call out the alleged injustice in his case, arguing that the young man should have gotten a lighter sentence. Perhaps addressing some of the chatter surrounding his incarceration, or otherwise celebrating his birthday today with some of the people that love him, Tay-K announced that he will be going live on Wednesday (June 16) to interact with his supporters.

Considering the fact that you're not supposed to have a cellular device behind bars, some may find it a little surprising that Tay-K would alert fans of his upcoming live stream-- especially since he may get in trouble over it. Still, he seems poised to give his supporters the answers they deserve, telling his followers that they can expect a notification when he starts the stream.

"Goin live tomorrow so y'all can ask me questions," he wrote on Instagram Stories on Tuesday afternoon. 

The rapper is presently an inmate at Bexar County Jail in San Antonio, Texas. He has spoken out on a few different occasions about his case and we can surely expect more from Tay in the coming hours. 

Will you tune in for his live stream?