Wednesday night, Tay Keith suffered a horrific car crash on his way to the studio. The Memphis producer shot a series of Instagram stories, documenting the wreckage, in the immediate aftermath of the accident. Either through the intervention of a roadside assistant or a friend, Tay Keith does makes it to his final destination: the STU.

After displaying the car's shredded rear bumper, and its dilapidated front wheels, Tay Keith turns his attention to the close friends gathered in his studio, the likes of which include producers Smash David, and OG Parker, among others.

Before the videos cut to his expressed gratitude, Tay Keith labors over the damage dealt. "Look at my shit, bruh," he says as he contours the vehicle, camera in hand. "Bruh, I almost just died, bruh. What the fuck?" Apart from his astonishment, and the material evidence he puts on display, details have been fairly scant, in regards to the crash or its point of origin. Tay Keith is entering 2019 on a veritable hot streak. The greater hip-hop community is certainly in a better place moving forward, with the knowledge Tay Keith is safe and sound, and stuck-on stupid when it comes to his work rate as a producer.