Not that eternally matters to anyone deeply invested in hip-hop, but T-Pain's comments towards Taylor Swift at the 2019 iHeartRadio gala have landed him in hot water with her fanbase. As you're likely aware, T-Pain was tasked with hosting the event from start to finish. When it came time to issue a monologue regarding Taylor Swift's presence in the building, the host chose to recount the story of how he first met the pop darling. 

"Taylor, I never apologized to you. The first time we met—you’re so much taller than me, that I thought you were standing on something," he began his monologue. "Without looking down, I tried to stand on whatever I thought you were standin' on and bam! Headbutted you right in the boob. I'm so sorry. That was not my intention."

As harmless as the anecdote might be on a level of reason, that's not how Taylor Swift chose to view it, many of them deeming T-Pain's conduct as unbecoming of a gentleman host, and his language far too expletive.

Many of her fans remarked upon the distressful sexual assault case she recently underwent, giving T-Pain the appearance of an insensitive person, even though there's reason to believe nothing was clouding his judgment when he let off the jokes.

Considering T-Pain and Taylor Swift see, to know one another other off-camera, you'd think they could work out a truce - which would infer Taylor Swift was offended in the first place. Mind you, there is no evidence to support that claim.