Zacari is the latest wunderkind to represent the TDE crest, his debut single "Don't Trip" the day he was officially added to the label's main roster. Little over a month later, Zacari finds himself of dropping his debut project under the label, an announcement TDE made on its official Twitter channel this morning. 

The Tweet in question references the project by name: Run Wild Run Free, as well as the drop date in numerical fashion (03/15) whilst providing the devoted TDE fanbase a look at the album art (ie conceptual framework).


The cover image depicts Zacari on the summit of a hill, surrounded by a pack of wolves, suggesting a personality both loyal and unhinged. Zacari really started popping up on TDE-related projects, a few years before he solidified his place within its ranks.

A few months back Run Wild Run Free was first reported before it even bore a name or title. Zacari spoke to Billboard about the unorthodox journey he'd taken to hip-hop prevalence. The newly-minted TDE artist belies the kind of the come up story associated with a seasoned individual, but alas his career only started picking up after he failed out of art school. Zacari would later connect with J-Louis, the producer-in-residency for Bryson Tiller - the rest is history.