The back and forth spat between Teairra Mari and 50 Cent continues as the Detroit singer added just a little bit of gasoline to the feud's fire. The two entertainers have been at odds following a court case where 50 came out victorious. The Love & Hip Hop Hollywood singer took both her ex-boyfriend and 50 Cent to court over a sex tape that she claims was leaked without her knowledge. Because the rapper reposted the video clip on social media, Mari named him in her revenge porn lawsuit

However, the court ruled that 50 couldn't be held responsible, so he won his claim of $30,000 to cover his lawyer fees and court costs. Mari has yet to pay up, so Fiddy has made it his mission to put her on blast as often as possible. When Mari recently shared a photo of herself on Instagram rocking a new pink wig, 50 took to social media to slam her by writing, "This nut thinks she’s not going to pay. Somebody tell her they will lock her ass up for not responding in New York. Oh you will get it, talking about she ain’t got it. That’s a new wig B***h, where is my money."

The singer had some trolling to do of her own as she once again uploaded a clip of herself in her new pink wig letting "Kurtis" know that if she doesn't have the money, he can't get the money, either. "She went and got her hair done. She don't know how to act," the person holding the camera says. Mari turns around and replies, "Oh, that's what happened?...Oh me? Oh! I thought you were talking about your woman, 'cause you couldn't be talking about me." The video seems innocent enough, but the caption was directed squarely at 50 Cent. "I Heard you like my NEW wig," Mari wrote. "Flattery will get you everywhere KURTISSS....BUT STILL #IaintGOTit #GetTheStrapON #getrichordie."