Teairra Mari could have the book thrown at her if a prior DWI conviction is added to her outstanding charges in the New York appellate court system. Two weeks ago, Mari was apprehended while at the wheel of a red Dodge Charger.

Officers overseeing the area couldn't help but notice a sequence in which she lost control of her vehicle upon exiting the Midtown Tunnel in Queens - a collision that the car in disrepair (ruptured bumper, missing wheel) and the officers with little choice but to pull her over for a sobriety test - which she ultimately failed with flying colors.

Frederick M. Brown/Getty Images

Within hours of her booking, Teairra Mari was released from custody, in the interest of freeing up much-needed space in the lobby. As TMZ has reported overnight, Mari's misdemeanor could very well be elevated to a FELONY if prosecutors prove successful in linking her pending charges with a prior offense in the state of California.

According to TMZ, the DWI that's being scrutinized dates back to 2011, when Teairra was in the second phase of her singing career, post-Roc-A-Fella. Mari's and her attorney Jane Remler have kept the humdrum to a minimum, for fear of disquieting the prosecutors hot on her trail; not to mention a wrathful 50 Cent, with a special interest in other people's misery - well before the revenge porn scandal acrimoniously came to light.