It's very rarely a dull moment with Teanna Trump. The adult film star has maintained a strong presence on social media and in the realm of porn over the years, even as she's faced numerous setbacks. At one point, she revealed that she was on the verge of going homeless. A few years before that, she was locked up for 180 days in prison after she was arrested for a cannabis arrest.

She's bounced back from then, for sure, but she still finds herself at the center of drama, even if it's unintentional. Earlier today, a video went viral of Teanna Trump getting a tongue lashing by a woman who evidently wasn't aware of who the adult film star was. What's worse is that it went down in broad day in the middle of traffic. 

"This bitch keep on following me and I don't know what her problem is but let's walk up to this car and find out what the fuck the problem is," the lady said in the video as she got out of her car. "What's your problem?!" She added as Teanna Trump looked caught off guard by the confrontation.

"Because your cutting me off --" Trump responded before the lady shut her down. 

"You gon' get your ass beat! Bitch, you gon' get your ass beat! Leave me the fuck alone! My son in the car! Leave me the fuck alone, bitch!" the woman added as she returned to her vehicle. 

This is the second time in recent times that Teanna Trump became a trending topic on Twitter. Last month, she went in on Jayda Cheaves with allegations that she's slept with Lil Baby. She hasn't made much of a mention about her relations with the My Turn rapper since.

Check out the video below.