If you would have asked the man behind Anghelic, an emerging voice in the underground hip-hop realm, whether he'd eversit at the head of one of music's biggest independent movements, what might Tech N9ne have replied? Since then, the Kansas City rapper has certainly made his mark in the industry, with a massive slew of self-released music, his own record label, and even cross-media endeavors. Such is the life of Tech N9ne, who has proven to be a valuable asset in hip-hop's eclectic roster of memorable characters. Today, Nina has made his mark with a new short film titled "Levitation," starring the talents of Navé Monjo.

The film, which accompanies a track from his latest Planet album, centers around a boxer navigating the troubled road to glory. Directed by Morgan Cooper, the clip is highly cinematic in nature, a testament to the wide-ranging scope of Tech's overall vision. Clearly, Tech has imbued the visual with a parallel to his own journey. Be sure to check it out now, should you support the Strange Music movement.