With a new album N9na in the works, Tech N9ne took a moment to chop it up wth HipHopDX. While he discusses a variety of topics, many will be interested to hear his perspective on the infamous Eminem vs. Machine Gun Kelly beef, which initially saw shots fired under Tech's own supervision. One thing is for sure, however - Tech had no idea Em was the target until it was too late.  

Unfortunately, Tech found himself inherently dragged into the feud after Machine Gun Kelly dissed Eminem on "No Reason." Speaking with HipHopDX, Nina revealed that he was initially blindsided upon learning the deeper animosity behind MGK's lyrics. Making sure to specify it's still "all love" between Tech and his former collaborator Slim Shady (who was originally meant to be on the Everready standout "My World", fun fact), he explains that he had no idea that MGK was taking shots.

"I don’t have time to dabble in the bullshit but I get it now," explains the Kansas City legend. "MGK called me the next day and was like, “Tech man, I’m sorry man. I would’ve given you the Rap Genius breakdown at the beginning to let you know.’ I was like, “Nah man, I just didn’t know that you was going at him like that. I didn’t think that you would do that. He was like like ‘you know, we’ve been going at it for a while over his daughter.’" 

He also proceeds to add a periphery perspective on MGK's alleged Shade 45 ban, which certainly appeared to be in full effect. "It was a weird situation because when I was promoting my song, I went to Rude Jude before my album came out on March 2nd when I was making my rounds," explains Tech. Recall that Rude Jude works for Shade 45. "I went up to Jude and I was like, ‘This is my new single it’s called “No Reason” with MGK."

"In between us talking he covered the mic and told me 'I can’t play the MGK one,'” says Tech. "I was like “oh okay” and after we went to another break I asked him what’s up with Marshall and MGK and he said a long time ago [Kelly] said something about his daughter and I was like, 'Oh, I remember that. That’s still going?'”

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