The situation surrounding Ted Cruz's trip to Cancun, Mexico continues becoming increasingly bone-headed as new photos of the Senator's home reportedly confirm that he left the family's dog alone in freezing conditions after flying to Mexico.

MEGA/Getty Images

The weather conditions in Texas are completely horrific right now as millions around the state continue to suffer power outages and food shortages, with deaths mounting in the state. The region was not prepared for a winter storm of this magnitude, and it seems as though the movers-and-shakers in the Senate would rather deal with the situation another day as Ted Cruz was pictured leaving on a plane to Cancun, Mexico-- in the middle of a pandemic, no less. Cruz threw his daughters under the bus, claiming that they asked to take a vacation and, "like any good father", he obliged, dropping them off in Cancun before flying back. However, it was debunked that, originally, Cruz had only booked his return flight for Saturday, meaning that he planned to stay longer than just a few hours. Now, new photos of Cruz's home in Texas show that he reportedly also abandoned their family dog in freezing temperatures.

Houston-based journalist Michael Hardy has shared pictures of Ted Cruz's home in the area, which show the family's pooch Snowflake alone in the entranceway. According to TMZ, a security guard was in the driveway, who said he was taking care of the dog. As Cruz said himself though, his home was without heat or electricity, so the poor dog is just staying there in the freezing cold. 

It's also being reported that Ted and his wife Heidi invited neighbors to stay with them in Cancun at the Ritz-Carlton as some of their text messages were leaked.

Do you think Senator Cruz should resign after this?