All this time, right-wing conservative voters have tried to sway the left away from President Joe Biden by referring to him as "Sleepy Joe" when, in reality, it was one of their own that deserved the nickname.

Republican Senator Ted Cruz is trending on social media again and, this time, it's not because he left his state in the middle of the climate emergency. A video has been going viral of the Texas Senator dozing off in the middle of President Biden's first address to Congress on Wednesday night. During the video, Cruz seems to have difficulty keeping his eyes open, appearing to fall asleep for a short period of time during the important meeting. 

"Texas, are you watching?" asked one commenter on social media. "He is supposed to be working for you! You should be embarrassed!"

The viral moment happened when cameras cut away from President Biden during the 65-minute address. The special speech came on Biden's hundredth day in office. Many have been taking a look at all the President has done, and not done, since being elected to the highest power in America. Clearly, Sleepy Ted was just not interested in hearing what Biden had to say.

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