The past week’s situation with Ted Cruz has been a major disaster, and seemingly continues to evolve. On Wednesday, photos surfaced of Cruz on a flight with his family to Cancun, Mexico for a vacation with his family. While this might not normally spark outrage, his home state of Texas was currently (and still is) going through some of the most extreme and dangerous weather conditions that they had ever seen. People were forced to boil water for heat, and some even died in their running vehicles from carbon monoxide poisoning as this was the only way to keep warm. 


The senator was essentially bullied into returning home from Cancun after just one night as accusations grew that he did not care for the counties he governed. Upon deplaning, Cruz received a police escort. 


On Thursday, Twitter erupted as comparisons were being drawn between Cruz and famous Colombian drug lord Pablo Escobar. Escobar, while being a powerful drug trafficker, was often praised by his community for his willingness to help citizens. Twitter users trolled Cruz by saying that Escobar was a better person than him, despite being one of the most prolific criminals in recent history. 

Some of the Tweets started by comparing the outfits of the two men, which were amusingly similar. 




People were quick to defend Escobar, who, they claim, would have done far more for the community than Cruz








Definitely not a good look for Ted Cruz.