NFL free agency is finally here which means he we have a whole slew of news to report. Some of the biggest stories will involve quarterbacks and as it turns out, the Chicago Bears could be big players which is something many fans probably weren't expecting. Of course, the last two seasons have seen Mitch Trubisky as their starting quarterback, to varying degrees of success. Fans have become impatient with the young QB and are hoping for better. As it turns out, help may actually be on the way, sooner rather than later.

According to Pro Football Talk, the Bears are trying to get a deal done with Teddy Bridgewater, formerly of the Minnesota Vikings and New Orleans Saints. Bridgewater played great in replacement of Drew Brees and many feel like he should be a starter. This deal would theoretically turn Bridgewater into QB1 in Chicago. 

Based on the reactions from Bears fans in the comments of the post above, it appears as though they are quite happy about this decision. While Bridgewater isn't elite by any stretch, he is certainly an improvement upon the inconsistent play they got this past season. As for Trubisky, it remains to be seen what his next move will be.

Stay tuned for more news related to NFL free agency.