Tee Grizzley is fresh off of the release of his latest single, "God's Warrior" which arrived yesterday. Timbaland held down the production on the track but it looks like it's not just a one-off collaboration. Tee Grizzley announced that his next project will be produced entirely by Timbo.

Tee Grizzley recently sat down with Zane Lowe on Beats1 Radio where he discussed his latest single and his upcoming project before Timbaland FaceTimed in on the conversation. Tee Grizzley announced that he and Timbaland are dropping a joint project together and explained how Kanye West was a catalyst in making it happen.

Joe Scarnici/Getty Images

"Kanye wanted me to come to the studio," Grizzley said. "He wanted to hear some of my new stuff, and for me to come hear his new stuff. It was my first time meeting him. It was crazy. My objective in the room was don’t say nothing, just listen. If somebody talk to you that’s the only time you can talk. So I’m just sitting back and everybody’s just vibing, kicking it. I play him some new stuff and they start going crazy."

Grizzley continued to detail the studio session with Kanye, explaining how the "Yikes" rapper told Timbo and Tee that they needed to work on a whole project together.

"The focus shifted from them doing something to 'we need to do a whole tape. You and Timbaland need to do a whole tape.' Ye said you and Timbaland need to do a whole tape," Grizzley said.

Peep the interview below.