Tensions recently flared between rising rapper Tee Grizzley and Bad Meets Evil, after Royce Da 5'9" revealed that Grizzley's shot at Eminem "burned a bridge" between the two Detroit artists. While not quite a full-fledged beef, it was clear that both Royce and Em weren't entirely pleased with Grizzley's disrespectful attitude; Em even took a subtle jab at the Scriptures rapper on the Royce-assisted "You Gon Learn."

Tee Grizzley Eminem Royce Da 5'9"

 Alberto E. Rodriguez/Getty Images

Luckily, it appears that cooler heads have prevailed, as evidenced by TMZ's recent conversation with Grizzley. Off the bat, Tee makes it known where his loyalties lie. "Shout out Eminem," he begins. "Shout out to Royce. I talked to Royce the other day. It was really a big misunderstanding. We definitely going to come with 8 Mile 2. Feel me. We definitely have some music coming through. Royce got a project on the way, I got a project on the way. Em like the big dog in the city."

While he has spoken to Royce, Tee Grizzley confirms he has yet to touch in with Eminem directly -- yet. "He's not the type of guy you can just say anything to him," reflects Tee Grizzley, as the cameraman remarks that Em is a "battle rapper at heart." "At the end of the day, coming from Detroit, they can't say anything to us. Everything just be cool."

He closes by confirming that even if he never gets a chance to sit down with Em and collaborate, it's "all love" just the same. "Way I came out, I don't need nobody," says Tee Grizzley. "But when you get to a certain level you do kind of need people to shoot up even higher. I hope [a collaboration] can get done, but if not, it's still all love though." We can only hope that Em and Grizzley link up on wax -- Tee worked wonders with hip-hop veteran Timbaland, and it's likely he'd do the same with the legendary Slim Shady.