Back in January, Tee Grizzley first teased his Still My Story project which he promised would tell the story of his habitual environment in Detroit. More than a half a year later, Tee has followed up that statement to provide us further context. But count yourself lucky, because instead of an exhaustive "product reveal," Still My Story is going to hit the pavement running in two to three week's time. Grizzley has a no bullshit attitude, so it stands to reason that he fully intends to deliver Still My Story within the space of a month.

Grizzley shared the news but an hour ago on Instagram, using a numerical date with an open-ended column (10/-/18) to denote flexibility in the coming weeks. It's his way of telling fans to get their trousers disentangled, so to speak.

The Detroit transplant has been kept out the limelight since his arrest in late August for a parole violation. Tee Grizzley was believed to be a month away from the expiration of his probationary clause. Luckily, the setback shouldn't have an effect on his creative output. Grizzley's last mixtape My Moment peaked at number 16 on the US rap charts. Keep it peeled for the countdown.