Detroit rapper Tee Grizzley is one the most impressive breakout stars from the late 2010s. His career has been packed with successful releases and high-profile collaborations, but the past few years have also presented rough patches in the artist's personal life, having lost his aunt and manager in a drive-by shooting in 2019. That being said, Tee Grizzley continues to approach his career and artistry with a positive mindset, as evidenced by a recent exchange with a ruthless fan on Twitter.

The user, under the handle of @_basegod337, came for Tee Grizzley after the Detroit rapper sent out an inspirational tweet that said, "Stack pray and stay out the way." For whatever reason, the user took the opportunity to ridicule Tee Grizzley by simply saying, "You fell off."

Tee Grizzley quickly caught wind of the naysayer's tweet and responded to the unwarranted negativity with a peaceful and inspiring message. Quoting the user's critique, Grizzley wrote, "I made it out tho bro that was the goal," complete with a red 100 emoji. 

After having an incredible run in 2020 —‌ which consisted of the release of his latest album The Smartest and a massive collaboration with Big Sean and Eminem —‌ and witnessing his mother be released from prison, Tee Grizzley is clearly comfortable in his current position, so it's good to see that he didn't let one of his social media detractors get him down.