New reports by the Daily Mail indicate that a teenager was recently nabbed on child pornography charges for sharing her own nudes. According to the news outlet, a sixteen-year-old girl had filmed a sex video and sent it to friends. The tape was made back in October 2016 and shared with two other teenagers aged 16 and 17 years old. The friends reported the teen, only referred to as "S.K" in the legal documents obtained by the news, shortly after the video was distributed. Moreover, the video is believed to have been sent as a part of games wherein the friends would attempt to "one-up" each other with scandalous content. In this case, S.K. shared a video of herself performing oral sex on an unidentified male. 

Peter Summers/Getty Images

And now, the teen is facing child pornography charges after the recipients informed an officer of the Charles County Sheriff's Office. S.K was placed on probation and directed through a mental health evaluation. Her family is now attempting to appeal the court decision and are still waiting on an answer which is expected to come later this year. The latter is tricky because no current exceptions involving consent have been considered in the child pornography legislation. The chief judge affirmed: "'The state has an indisputable interest in protecting minors from exploitation 'as subjects in pornographic material' . . . whether at the hands of others or by their own conduct."

We expect more on this later.