A teenage girl recently passed away after a fatal rollercoaster ride in an amusement park in Jizzakh, Uzbekistan. The daredevil ride, unfortunately, came apart mid-air with passengers on board. The ride consisted of a metal pendulum arm with a counterweight balance which was attached to a massive open-air platform. As such, dozens of people headed straight for the ground after the ride broke hence resulting in a crash with several fatalities. Authorities allege that one teenage female rider was instantly killed after she was flung into the air from the 360-degree swing. As of yet, there is no other information with regards to the other riders' injuries. 

Alexandra Beier/Getty Images

This situation has been linked to a similar occurrence with a ride at the Ohio State Fair which fell apart in July 2017 while it was in motion. The malfunction resulted in seven people getting injured and a 17-year-old teen by the name of Tyler Jarrell dying. Investigators at the time found out that the amusement park ride's malfunction was mostly due to corrosion. As of now, no further details have been given for the Uzbekistan ride, but we surely expect greater details on the matter sometime soon. The victim was, however, identified as a teenage girl with the initials MH.