In 1990 the character of Deadpool was first conceptualized by Marvel writers Fabian Cicieza and Rob Liefeld. Realizing that the new assassin they’d created drew a strong comparison to DC’s villain Slade Wilson aka Deathstroke, the duo riffed off the mistake instead of running away from it and crafted the uncanny hero we know today.

The nature of loopholes in the comic industry has made it so that the character has persisted without any legal pushback, but that doesn’t mean DC hasn’t peeped game from a mile away.

Deathstroke’s storyline is centered around battling the Teen Titans and later on in the year, you’ll be able to catch him in action in the animated "Teen Titans GO To The Movies" film, and in a recent trailer, Deathstroke is setting the record straight once and for all.

"Let me tell ya a little something about Deadpool,” he begins in the new spot. My name is Slade Wilson. His name is Wade Wilson. My costume, like, rocks and his is just a copy. I fight a whole team of Teen Titans and he fights ONE angry dude. I'm like way cooler in every way. Deadpool might have a sequel but remember, he's just a rip-off of me. It's time to DRAIN THE POOL. But sure, go see his movie because it comes out before mine.”

Without that little push from Deathstroke though, fans have certainly been flocking to the theaters to catch "Deadpool 2," which opened up at the box office at the No. 1 spot. Knocking down "Infinity War" to No. 2, the film reeled in $133.5 million in its North American debut.