18-year old high school senior Gianny Sosa recently rose to prominence after he was arresting for attempting the RKO on his principal. Before I dig any further into this, it's worth establishing the origins of the RKO finisher, a staple in Randy Orton's wrestling repertoire. Orton debuted the maneuver in WWE's developmental territories before joining the hugely popular Evolution headed by a domineering Triple H. 

It didn't take long for the RKO to become an amateur favorite, due to how easy it is to pull off. That's probably what Gianny Sosa was thinking when reached for his principal's neck, not thinking his adult supervisor would press charges. The police report listed Sosa's infraction as an assault and battery charge, contingent on his some renunciation and a light tap on the wrist.

Sosa didn't have to wait long to continue the course from within the precinct - because, within a week, the high school senior was back in the bing over some drama. This time out, Sosa emulated "the legend killer," by focusing on an inanimate alligator set up in the local mall. Hate to say it, but with every passing day, the "Florida Man" meme gains a little more clout. Turns out, the wax statue was valued at $3,690. The repairs will likely come out of Sosa's allowance if his parents hadn't already dispatched of him leading up to the second run-in.