Who hasn't Tekashi 6ix9ine had beef with? The trolling young rapper felt that it was necessary to get under the skin of anyone and everyone that had any criticism of his craft. While Tekashi's beefs with rappers such as YG and The Game yielded some crazy stories, his feud with Chief Keef reigns supreme.  The beef between the now incarcerated Tekashi 6ix9ine and Chief Keef started at the top of the year. Although their back and forth bickering online may have caught the attention of some, the recent revelation that Tekashi ordered a hit on Sosa and his crew has reignited the situation. There are several layers to the beef between the two rappers, but it all seems to stem from an interaction with Cuban Doll.

Cuban Doll was dating Chief Keef's cousin and rapper Tadoe at the time she appeared in a video with Tekashi. While she only pops up and the end of the video, Tadoe didn't like seeing his woman alongside Tekashi. Doll alleged that Tadoe beat her after she appeared next to Tekashi from the hospital. With her injuries still fresh, a video of Tekashi and Tadoe arguing over FaceTime appeared online. Starting from that moment, here is a brief timeline of the beef between Tekashi and Chief Keef. 

"I Kill People." -May 5, 2018

After Cuban Doll accuses Tadoe of putting his hands on her, a video of Tekashi and the Glo Gang associate speaking on FaceTime surfaces. In the video, Tadoe tells Tekashi to lose Cuban Doll's number, threatening the rainbow-haired rapper with the warning, "I kill people." Although Sosa and his crew may have had issues with Tekashi previously to this, the FaceTime clip is the first time we see things escalate to a level of beef. Chief Keef aligns with his family, and the feud begins to take form.

Tekashi Takes Shots At Chief Keef And Lil Reese -May 31, 2018

Taking things to a whole new level, Tekashi records a video alongside Cuban Doll where he takes shots at Chief Keef and Lil Reese. "What y'all gon' give me? 48 hours? 'Yo wait two months this shit gon' die.' Where? Where I'ma die? Fuck Chief Keef. Fuck Lil Reese. Fuck all them niggas," spits Tekashi. Cuban Doll hilariously takes her dog out of Tekashi's hands and storms out of the video during his rant, showing that she wants nothing to do with the madness.

Chief Keef, Tadoe, & Trippie Redd Drop "I Kill People" -June 1, 2018

Trippie Redd joins in on the fun here. Redd is entrenched in a beef with Tekashi at this time himself. What's truly interesting is, both Redd and Tekashi were under management from the same party. Ebro seems to believe that the entire beef between Redd and Tekashi was made up by their management to help boost views and likes. If that is true, Redd's involvement on this song is even more conniving than originally perceived. After the video of Tadoe threatening Tekashi goes viral, he, Sosa, and Redd craft the subliminal diss record "I Kill People." Around the same time, GBE as a whole begins to troll Tekashi on social media.

Chief Keef Is Shot At In New York -June 2, 2018

Things get real when Sosa visits New York. If Ebro's statements about Tekashi and Trippie Redd secretly working together behind the scenes to fabricate their beef is true, this shooting becomes another insane twist. While in New York recording with Redd, Chief Keef is shot at by masked assailants. After the shooting, TMZ caught up with Keef, who remained silent on the entire situation.

Tekashi Denies Involvement In Shooting -June 2, 2018

After the shooting in New York, Tekashi claims that it's all love between him and Chief Keef. His trolling appears to be a slick method of distancing himself from a police investigation. Tekashi claims that he's a fan of Keef and even asks how much a feature would cost. Nobody is buying his act, but there's no evidence to connect him to the shooting directly.

Tekashi Takes A Trip To Chief Keef's City & Calls Him Out -June 12, 2018

It was a long month of beefing for Tekashi. The month of June had yet to end and the rainbow-haired rapper decided to take a trip to Chicago. In a viral video, Tekashi pulls up to the infamous O Block, which is the most violent section in Chicago. Keef claims O Block as his hood, so Tekashi pulled up looking for him. In the video he claims that he pulled up at around 10 PM, but street cam footage ended up proving he visited while everyone was asleep at 3 AM. Still, the bold move didn't go unnoticed. 

Chief Keef & Lil Reese Search For Tekashi In Chicago -June 12, 2018

The month of June continues to heat up. Chief Keef and Lil Reese go searching for the "Gummo" rapper. They appear to give up after Reese asserts that people spotted Tekashi with police. Although the cops were possibly just an escort, the rappers still don't trust it and label Tekashi as a snitch.

Tekashi Takes Chief Keef's Baby's Momma On A Shopping Spree -June 13-14, 2018

Tekashi is one bold guy. He flys Aareon "Slim Danger" Clark out to New York City for a shopping spree and records the interaction. To make matters worse, Slim Danger calls out Keef for being a deadbeat. Another one of Keef's baby's mothers Simone then fires shots at Tekashi, uploading screenshots of the rapper trying to use her as troll bait as well. The tale of two baby's mommas doesn't seem to impress Sosa.

The NYPD Opens An Investigation Into Chief Keef Shooting -June 18, 2018

This may be the moment the NYPD decided it was time to wrap Tekashi up in the RICO charges that took him down. The "FEFE" rapper was officially named a person of interest in the Chief Keef shooting that took place in New York weeks prior. Although Tekashi wasn't in town during the shootout, police began to connect the dots.

Slim Danger Says She Gave Tekashi Head But Chief Keef Was Bigger -June 21, 2018

Without Tekashi around to pay for her trolling, Slim Danger continued to stir the pot. While on a radio show, Slim admited that she gave Tekashi head while they were together. When asked who was bigger, she says Keef had the package. Whether she was looking to extend her 15 minutes of fame, or if she genuinely wanted to throw shade during the beef is still undetermined. Still, her words only made matters worse. 

Tekashi Reignites Beef By Calling Keef A "Pussy" -August 15, 2018

After nearly a month of internet trolling and beefing with other rappers, Tekashi circles back to Sosa. His seems to take shots at Keef, and also YG, unprovoked. "Ya'll believe these rappers like you watch movies," stated Tekashi. "In real life, these rappers are fucking pussy! Don't let it distract you. Remember every time I beef with a nigga, no matter if its YG, no matter if it's Sosa, they like 'you got beef with the wrong nigga now, yo bro, you just signed a death warrant.'"

Tekashi Trolls Chief Keef After His Home Is Burglarized-September 24, 2018

Tekashi should have just quit while he was ahead. After the police investigation into the Sosa shooting seemingly disappeared, Tekashi still decided to take shots at the Chicago rapper online. It's worth a mention that this entire time, the NYPD investigation into the Sosa shooting was still taking place. It had spiraled into the much larger RICO case that has landed Tekashi in jail. With the police most likely watching, Tekashi trolled the burglary of Keef's home. 

Chief Keef Shrugs Off Tekashi Questions Weeks Before RICO -November 9, 2018

The beef between Tekashi and Keef simmered down while the former was busy feuding with YG and Casanova. Still, the press wanted to know how Keef felt about the rainbow-haired rapper's ongoing strife. When TMZ approached Keef and asked him about another shooting revolving around his nemesis, Sosa isn't feeling it. The reporter seems to be awkward in general, complimenting Sosa's shoes and asking the wrong questions. Must have been his first day.

Video Of Tekashi Bragging About Ordering A Hit On Tadoe Surfaces- November 23, 2018 

By this time, Tekashi is in jail. The police were tired of his antics, and rolled up several shootings together to bring Tekashi and his associates in on RICO charges. Although Tekashi and his lawyer try to plead that the Brooklyn rapper only portrays a gangster for show, a video of him seemingly ordering a hit on Keef's cousin Tadoe surfaces. The video was taken just days before Keef and Tadoe were shot at in New York. Tekashi may be in jail, but there is little doubt that Sosa is somewhere simmering with this new information in mind.