With Tekashi 6ix9ine's sentencing coming up on Wednesday, expect to see his name in the news a lot this week. It's only Monday and a bunch of stories are already surfacing - one of them being that an ex-NYPD officer admitted to transporting drugs for Tekashi's Nine Trey Bloods gang. 

On July 25, 2018, Arlicia Robinson moved over 100 grams of heroin from the Bronx to Manhattan for Tekashi's former gang. Robinson was charged with three drug counts on November 19th of last year and accepted a plea deal on November 27th of this year. According to the New York Post, the transcript of the hearing has been removed from the public record. Robinson's sentencing is set for March. 

Tekashi is also hoping to benefit from his plea deal after providing a great amount of information to aid the police investigation of the Nine Trey Bloods. The rainbow-haired rapper testified against two high-ranking members of the gang - Anthony 'Harv' Ellison and Aljermiah 'Nuke' Mack - who were both subsequently convicted. Tekashi has also written an extremely apologetic letter to the judge in an attempt to win over his pity. Having plead guilty to nine federal charges for racketeering, conspiracy, firearms offences and drugs trafficking, we'll see if Tekashi receives a lenient sentencing on Wednesday.