According to TMZ, Tekashi 6ix9ine was greeted by Crips who tested his mettle, upon entering the Brooklyn's Metropolitan Detention Center. The tense showdown occurred on November 19 as Tekashi traded locales for the purpose of his safety. Unfortunately, it looks as though his new locale is just as threatening as the last.

Upon entering the new facility, Tekashi was greeted with hostility by several members of the Crips in detainment. who allegedly tested his mettle by standing their ground. Lucky for Tekashi, prison staffers were quick to intervene before things turned ugly. 6ix9ine's lawyer Lance Lazzaro said his client "was being threatened in jail. However, he was not scared nor did he request being removed. The (Bureau of Prisons), acting upon these threats, removed him to a different facility to eliminate the threat."

Before being granted a transfer, Tekashi is said to have requested a detainment far away removed from other gang members, conditions the Bureau of Prisons decidedly overlooked. As you know, the former "Tr3yway" rapper is a reputed member of the 9 Trey Gangsta Bloods, a gang largely associated with his racketeering charges. In the aftermath of the "G Check" incident, the Bureau of Prisons has so far been unwilling to assume any responsibility for the hostile exchange; Tekashi is no longer "in their custody," as they would say.