Tekashi 6ix9ine is back in the fold but something about it seems like it's set up. This weekend, he and Meek Mill had a little run-in which then found its way onto social media. And with a new docuseries surrounding his infamy set to drop on Showtime, it seems like it would be a better time than any for him to attempt to drop another hit record.

In a recent interview with PageSix, Karam Gill, the director of Supervillain, explained that he felt it was necessary to explore 6ix9ine's story, despite how polarizing he is. "I never really wanted to explore Tekashi’s story specifically, and actually was hesitant about the project at first because of how he has been such a toxic individual in our culture," said Gill. "I realized it’s an extremely important story that shines a light on where we are as a culture. We’re living in the era of manufactured celebrity, where people can create inauthentic online personas and rise to fame without any talent or morals."

Of course, there's no one better to be a case study for this other than Tekashi 6ix9ine. "The public and media hates him because he is truly a horrible human being who has done terrible things. And from an overall perspective, he loves to instigate and aggravate which is something that naturally sparks a reaction," said Gill. 

During a recent feature article with Rolling Stone, Karam Gill explained that he never actually had the chance to meet Tekashi 6ix9ine. As the director, he overlooked pretty much every aspect of Tekashi 6ix9ine's life that was documented. “To me this project was an opportunity to capture this time in human history,” said Gill.“A time where we have seen pop culture figures, and even presidents, shape their own realities and manipulate us all through digital media.”