It was reported earlier today that Tekashi 6ix9ine was kidnapped and robbed early this morning. According to reports, the rainbow-haired rapper was returning home from a video shoot around 4 AM, but when he got home his driveway was blocked in. Three disguised assailants knocked Tekashi out and placed him in their vehicle. The attackers drove around with Tekashi, who awoke to death threats. The thieves then pulled back up to Tekashi's crib and had one member guard him while the other two raided the house. The rapper's baby momma and child were home, but were not harmed. The attackers stole about $750k in jewelry and between $15k and $20k in cash. 

After the robbery, the thieves took off with Tekashi, but the rapper escaped and jumped out of the moving vehicle. 6ix9ine was able to plead with a random person after his escape, getting the Good Samaritan to call the authorities. He was taken to the hospital to recover. There is also another story circulating, and authorities are claiming that Tekashi gave them a different tale. In the time that 6ix9ine has awoken in the hospital, he posted to Instagram to let his fans know he is doing alright. He also revealed that he had a bad feeling on the day of the robbery. He posted a picture of the late XXXTentacion, with the caption "As crazy as it sounds.. yesterday morning I had a feeling that it was my day to die." He continued on to thank XXX for his safety, claiming that the rapper was there watching over him. "May GOD strike me dead if I’m lying. Everything happens for a reason 🙏🏻🙏🏻 I know you was there 💜 Nothing materialistic is more important then LIFE. I live to see another DAY 🙏🏻 I get to see my daughter another day. No Hate Charge it to the streets."