Many have thought that Tekashi 6ix9ine's trolling ways would land him in some sort of trouble, but for the most part, he's managed to survive unscathed. Earlier today, the Brooklyn rapper attempted to shoot his shot with rising R&B star Queen Naija by asking if she had a boyfriend "for a friend." Ultimately, her boyfriend Clarence White jumped in and shut down 6ix9ine's attempt while claiming the title of "King Of New York." White may have thought that would be the end of it, but as you probably expected, nothing's involving 6ix9ine is finished until he gets the last word in.

After Queen Naija's boyfriend Clarence White tried to air 6ix9ine out for trying to shoot his shot with the singer, 6ix9ine roasted White. White replied to 6ix9ine's inquiry by saying that Naija is "already fucking with the king of New York." While 6ix9ine may have not taken any offense to it, he did share his thoughts on White trying to claim that title without having the accolades to back it.

"Did he say king of New York? I don' think that's how u spell YouTube," he wrote. "You know what let me go take a seat."

White hasn't responded yet, nor does it seem like he will unless Naija's fans tag him.

Clarence and Naija are announced that they're expecting their first child together in January 2019. So ultimately, Clarence's feelings towards 6ix9ine are as valid as they come.