Tekashi 6ix9ine's beefed with a whole lot of people since his single, "GUMMO" started blowing up. In a lot of ways, it can be argued that without the numerous controversies, his name wouldn't be as widely recognized. However, since he's embarked on his "World Domination" European tour, he's been pretty lowkey and it looks like he plans on keeping it that way.

Despite all the drama he's been involved himself in over the past few months, Tekashi 6ix9ine says he's trying to stay drama free these days. The rapper hit Instagram while on tour to explain that he isn't trying to beef anyone anymore and simply wants to be left alone.

"I've been staying positive, I've been stayin' out the fuckin' way. Do not drag my name into no bullshit. Just leave me alone." He said, "I've been doing really good, I've been not getting into no bullshit. Just leave me alone. You could hate me all you want but you know what I'm known for... I violate n*ggas. Just leave me alone, keep my name out the bullshit."

The death of XXXTENTACION seems to have been a sort of wake-up call for 6ix9ine. The rapper hit Instagram shortly after X's death was confirmed and made a public apology for his trolling ways. Hopefully, 6ix9ine continues on a path of positivity and focuses on his music and his money.