Tekashi 6ix9ine can take a joke since he is an avid troll himself. In some instances, however, he uses the jabs as fuel to better himself. This was the case with his body image. The "GUMMO" rapper used to get cyberbullied about his physique. His young version of the "dad bod" had many people trolling him about his needing to hit the gym. 

The entertainer let his social media following know that he took some of these words to heart. He whipped himself into shape after facing all the criticism, putting a spin on the negativity by using it as motivation for his journey to fitness.

69 posted a photo of his old self, wearing a t-shirt rolled up above his belly button. The look exposes his furry belly and briefs. His facial expression says, "unimpressed." According to the caption attached to the throwback picture, it took Tekashi less than a month to slim down.

"THIS WAS BACK WHEN U GUYS MADE FUN OF ME FOR BEING FAT :/ I lost all that weight in 3 weeks because I’ll read the comments for motivation."

Now that's how you deal with the hate. His naysayers are left without much content to use against him, rape case aside.