Riding high off the success of yet another smash hit with “BEBE,” Tekashi 6ix9ine felt it was appropriate to let his haters know that he’s still out here winning & dropping Billboard hits. On Monday night, the NYC sensation hopped on IG and decided to send a little message to the haters doubting his ability.

“To all you fuckin dick riders. Don’t act like I forget y’all niggas were talking about that this Spanish song was not going to be a hit. ‘It’s 8 for 9. It’s not going to be on the Billboard.’ Nigga I made a full fuckin’ Spainsh record and the shit made it onto the English Billboard. Debuted at fuckin’ 30 with a Spanish record,” he said. “Fuckin dummy. Stupid ass niggas,” he added.

Tekashi continued, saying that’s why his next song is being called “Stupid,” because of all the “stupid” dummies that keep doubting him. “That’s why the next song called ‘Stupid’ for stupid ass niggas like you stupid. Fuckin’ bozo. Look at y’all, y’all sick right now. Another fuckin’ Billboard hit nigga. 9 for 9, it’s fuckin Treyway.”

The song's music video, which features Anuel AA, has already over 88 million views in just 10-11 days, clearly making it another hit for Tekashi.

Check out his message (below).