Everybody is talking about Tekashi 6ix9ine. The Brooklyn rapper has built a platform for himself almost solely off of his controversial past and brash nature. The rainbow-haired rapper linked up with Montreality to give an in-depth and rare question-and-answer session. Not many interviews have surfaced with Tekashi since his Day69 debut dropped, and the polarizing rapper gets personal about everything from his childhood, New York rap and his admiration of Tupac Shakur and The Notorious B.I.G.

With younger rappers these days using the names of rap legends to increase their own clout, it's refreshing to hear 6ix9ine's opinion of the two legends as he claims they are major inspirations to him. He lives through Pac's "Troublesome '96" lyrics as he raps along, "N---as talk a lot of shit, but that's after I'm gone/ Cause they fear me in the physical form/ Let it be known I'm troublesome." 6ix9ine exclaims, "That's me, blood!" before asking when was the last time somebody spoke negatively directly to his face and answering: never.

The interviewer gets some interesting answers out of Tekashi in terms of his favorite cartoon Yu-Gi-Oh!, his preferred childhood snacks and his opinion on New York's rap legends. Watch the full interview below to learn more about one of the most controversial figures in rap today.