Reports of Tekashi's impending imprisonment were greatly exaggerated. A quick to the county clerk confirmed as much. Ever since the deletion of his instagram feed, his management have maintained that he is AWOL until further notice. Well it appears these events are not unlike the others enacted by Tekashi and his team. They are but a proper ruse to grab attention. 

Two hours ago, Tekashi or his management posted a promotional clip for his upcoming video "GOTTI." You might recall Tekashi toying with DJ Akademiks during a video shoot in the Dominican Republic. Well appears that resulting product is primed for release. Tekashi is demanding 100,000 comments for its release. 

The promo clip begins with a voluptuous women carefully walking over cobblestone, as a series of similarly-clad women bathe in the background. The video then cuts to Tekashi standing tall under a photorealistic rendering of a rainbow, signifying his presence in the tropics. "GOTTI" then takes a turn for the strange as the video cuts to a female body with Tekashi's mug super-imposed in lieu of the original face. It's a sight to behold, really.

100k comments is one tall order. We'll be keeping a close eye for Tekashi's next wanton display.