Tekashi 6ix9ine promised new hits and the process is already off to a roaring start. TMZ obtained behind the scenes footage of "Bebecita" his latinx crossover hit-to-be. For the occasion, Tekashi and his staff enlisted a bunch of models for a straightforward poolside video concept. Emmanuel Gazmey Santiago aka Anuel AA, a Puerto Rican rapper who shot up to prominence after enduring a 30 month jail sentence, was on hand to ensure perfect execution of his vision. It's safe to say AA is better suited for a co-ed living situation, he must feel he has earned.

The "Bebecita" single has been teased in an assortment of social media posts by both men. The final version of the record looks set to premiere as a music video, with both rappers putting their deep anxiety aside for a record-setting performance. The highlights of the video shoot are plain to see. AA directs traffic as a bevy of models attempt upside down flips, the directors only instruction on the day: "have fun."

Tekashi attempts the most daring stunt of them all by form tackling an unsuspecting woman who was slow to join the others in the pool. With everybody submerged in three feet of chlorine, the director was thus able to complete his storyboard with an ever-important lip sync montage now underway.