Tekashi 6ix9ine has failed to be diligent with his court appearances and legal authorities are growing impatient with the boisterous rapper. Judge Edwin Novillo has warned 69's legal representation of the consequences he might face for the constant failure to appear in court.

The "FEFE" artist skipped out on his court date Wednesday, leading to the judge's stern warning. Novillo told Tekashi's lawyer that an official call for the defendant's arrest will be issued if he bails on his responsibilities again.

"Counselor, if your client is not here on Tuesday, [there'll be] a bench warrant."

Lawyers tried to justify his absences, claiming that the entertainer had previously missed court this summer after being kidnapped and robbed. His latest instance of being MIA was chalked up to his busy work schedule. Lawyers stated that his professional obligations caused a delay in his return to New York, citing issues with flight schedules.

"The defendant was in Dubai, was in the Netherlands, and is trying to come back today."

The reasoning did not, however, intimidate the opposing party. The prosecutor shot back a response, pointing to a lack of responsibility.

"All that [means] is he should have booked a flight a day early."

The "STOOPID" artist is expected to appear in court on Tuesday.